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No. 620 Sec.2 Xitun District, Taiwan Blvd, 

Taichung City,  40759, Taiwan 
(Right beside Evergreen Hotel)



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"Ming Yang established since 1989.

Renowned as a pioneer of Tibetan Buddhist Art Shop in Taiwan." 


What we sell?


Ming Yang started since 1989. One of the few oldest shops in Taiwan selling almost anything about Tibetan Buddhist Arts. Like statues, handpainted Thangkas, ritual compliments, offering objects, incense, burners, beads, lama suits, cloth decorations to name a few, and a lot more others. 


Who we sell?


Ming Yang sell mostly to temple monks, Rinpoches and lamas, center leaders, followers, resellers who have their own shops, and to the consumers or users themselves. 90% of our buyers are regular buyers, 10%are new retailers. 70% of our regular buyers have been with us for more than 20 years.  We do both wholesale and retail business around the island. our website was set up on 2007, we look forward to a bigger market where we can reach and meet the needs of our buyers globally. 


How we sell?


We established a good relationship with a number of chosen dependable suppliers in Nepal over the past 3 decades. Our shop is a combination of wonderful handicrafts from the work of old masters with different expertise in Nepal whose price and quality we can rely on. We directly import 95% of our goods from Nepal by air on regular basis. 


Ming Yang is a sole propriety ownership for the past 30 years. Managing the business from purchasing, selling, delivering and shipping out goods, communication done thru phone or internet are all run by the owner. Thus, aside from your orders and all kinds of comments are carefully and seriously attended, we avoid misunderstanding and other possible fraud loopholes as our communication will be direct. All transactions done and informations given by our valued customers are strictly kept private and confidential. Every item shown on our website are owned by our shop, they are the accumulations of our collections over the past years. Every business dealing is embraced with a good purpose. All prices are very carefully evaluated. Saved all manpower cost as our website is manage and run by the owner alone. Profit is not our main purpose, but getting the full satisfaction and continuous support from our valued customers is more than money can bring to us.

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"Please do not hesitate to forward your valuable suggestions and feedbacks to us, we appreciate it.


Ming Yang Tibetan Buddhist Shop started year 2007. We had undergone slight renovation in 2017. Our new website has still a room for improvement. We will continue all our efforts. Thank you for your visit, please don't forget to share and tell a friend.



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